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Are The Odds In Your Favor To Live With Heart Failure Using The RIGHT Tools To Manage The Disease So You Continue Your Independence To Become Healthy And Strong?


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Why I created "Living With Heart Failure"

Hello, I am Terra Goodrich the CEO of Transitional Cardiac Care. I am a cardiac specialized nurse with a certification in progressive cardiovascular care nursing.

Before I became a nurse my grandfather was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF). I watched him and my grandma struggle to keep him healthy. I truly felt like they never really understood the disease. That was not from not wanting to understand, but from a lack of education and resources.

I watched him go in and out of the hospital, and he never really felt “good”. He never lived an “independent life” again. He could eat one meal, that he didn’t realize was full of salt, and as a result spend 4-5 days in the hospital recovering. I watched his “light” for life go out. It was devastating to watch, and at the time I didn’t know how to help.

So… I became a nurse. I specialized in cardiac nursing for 6 years. I took care of many congestive heart failure patients, and they soon became my “family”.

I watched so many “lights” fade and their hope for healing disintegrate. They would be in a room surrounded by loved ones and all they feel is ALONE. The reality that the memories they could make with their families is no longer an option became a forethought. Immense amounts of stress was added to their HEART from the massive hospital bills that were piling up.

They were bombarded by the side effects they were receiving from all the new medications they were prescribed. They were left feeling extremely uneducated about their disease. The ACCEPTED the overwhelming fact that they were DYING. They LOST HOPE and QUALITY of LIFE.

Thus, Transitional Cardiac Care was born and the Living with Heart Failure program came to light.

Can you identify with these same feelings?
Do you feel yourself GIVING UP?

Then you have come to the RIGHT place!

Living With Heart Failure is your chance to take back control of your life! Never feel ALONE again.

Our team will make YOUR care a PRIORITY. We will be by your side every step of the way to help you make all the lifestyle adjustments needed to live INDEPENDENTLY.

You don’t have to miss out on your favorite activities wether they be family BBQ’s, vacations to the beach, or playing bingo. Hand in hand we will give you all the tools you need to still be active without jeopardizing your health.

It’s time to put YOU and your HEALTH FIRST! You deserve LIFE.

Living with Heart Failure is a 30 day education and monitoring service That provides you with all the tools necessary to properly manage your congestive heart failure. We want you to know that YOU are not ALONE!

What's Included In Your Care:
Online Educational Portal
A custom designed, on demand educational portal with over 22 videos and PDFs so you have all the answers you need any time 24/7 at your fingertips. Now your family can make the RIGHT decisions and feel at ease getting the correct education they need to more than 20 symptoms.
Your On-Demand Learning
This comprehensive educational platform includes videos on:
  • ​How how to create sustainable activity and lifestyle changes so you can remain healthy and strong.
  • ​Easily making the right changes to your diet without loosing the taste of food and feeling like you are missing out.
  • ​Extremely valuable information on understanding the disease for you and your family so you can stay one step ahead of it.
  • Removing the confusion about your medications, why you take them, and why they are crucial to treating your heart failure.
The Living With Heart Failure Workbook™
The Living With Heart Failure Workbook™ is your "on call" resource with more than 32 pages of step by step directions to guide you through those tougher moments when you're struggling and need it most..
Daily Symptom Management
We include "State of the art" healthcare grade scale, blood pressure cuff, glucose monitor, and oxygen saturation monitor so you have complete confidence in the accuracy of the equipment you are using to control your heart failure.
Your Private Cardiac Nurse
Rest easy knowing a Cardiac trained nurse will also be watching your vital signs on a DAILY basis. Feel empowered by the personal education you will receive from a private cardiac trained nurse to step by step help you identify symptoms and remain out of the hospital.
Your On-Call Health Team
Access our cardiac trained nurses for early identification of critical symptoms and efficient communication with your health team to take FAST action and keep you out of the hospital.

Now you can rest easy, knowing that you get the answers you need, when you need them.
The CardioTrack™ System
With our proprietary and confidential HIPAA approved software, we provide Real Time Tracking online of all your vital signs, health statistics, and symptoms. Our cardiac trained nurses can easily identify a change in your health status INSTANTLY and work with you to identify the cause to fix it immediately. All from the comfort of your own home.

We track your vital signs, laboratory results, weight, and daily symptoms. This will immediately notify our cardiac trained nurse when your vital signs have gone "out of the range" where they are supposed to be.

We can monitor your health trends so we can effectively adjust your treatment plan so you can be at your healthiest. You will have access to our private patient portal so you can also watch your trends, vital signs, and see your laboratory results to keep you active in your treatment plan.
Your Medication Management
No longer struggle with the confusion about your medications and health. Become empowered by the education you and your family will receive.
  • ​Decrease your stress when you receive habit making tools to create the most effective daily routines so you don’t miss your medications and stay on top of your symptoms.
  • Gain control over recognizing when your medications are giving you side effects, and work with your doctor to change the medication instead of living miserable.
  • In depth education on your medications that have been prescribed for your heart failure.
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Did You Know...
  • Congestive Heart Failure is responsible for 11 million physician visits each year and more hospitalizations that all forms of cancer combined. (
  • Discharge from a heart failure hospitalization is followed by a readmission within 30 days approximately 24% of the time. (
  • The mean cost of a Heart failure readmission is $18,000 per patient
  • 1 in 9 deaths included heart failure as a contributing cause.

You Are Not Alone
We Take The Worry Away! ...
  • Doctor’s are overwhelmed with the amount of patients they need to see and are booked out at least 2 weeks. We will be a second set of eyes for you and see you within 4 days of discharge!
  • We understand that 30 days after discharge are your most critical days for symptoms to return or get worse and you to end up back in the hospital. We make you a priority and make sure to communicate closely with your healthcare team so we can create the most successful treatment plan for you.
  • Regain your independence by identifying the barriers you have at home to improving your health and then break those barriers with the healthy lifestyle and activity changes you will make.
Meet Terra Goodrich, RN, PCCN
My name is Terra Goodrich and I am the CEO and founder of Transitional Cardiac Care LLC. I have been a Cardiac specialized Registered Nurse for 6 years. I am also a certified Progressive Cardiac Care Nurse (PCCN). I am a Daisy award winner and I have also received the International Nurses Association award for Nurse Leadership.

When I started working as a Cardiac nurse I grew extremely close to my CHF patients. I quickly realized that there was a lack of resources and education in the outpatient setting that they need to properly manage the disease by themselves at home.

I was tired of watching the light for life dim in every patient I took care of.

I want to bridge the gap not only for patients who now have to adjust their whole life, but also for the medical providers who are overwhelmed with the amount of patients they have to see everyday.
About Transitional Cardiac Care
Transitional Cardiac Care is a home-based cardiac education and monitoring service. After you are discharged following a Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) diagnosis, TCC will closely monitor you for 30 days. In those 30 days we will provide you with all the education, lifestyle management, and symptom management tools you will need to properly manage your diagnosis on a day to day basis so you can regain your independence.

The program will consist of in home education using a method called "the teach back method”. Daily, through telecommunication we will ask you to report your weight, blood pressures, and any other symptoms you might be feeling, allowing us to properly triage your symptom status and collaborate with your healthcare team for possible need for treatment changes. Our aim is to help the you prevent exacerbation and avoid readmission within 30 days of the previous hospital stay.

Our mission is to help improve quality of life in congestive heart failure patients by providing proper education, disease management tools, and qualified monitoring. We strive to give the patients back their freedom and not allow the disease to run their life.

This is the first step to taking control of a cardiac diagnosis. It can be extremely confusing to learn how to live with the new lifestyle you have to adapt to in order to take care of yourself properly. A lot of changes will occur, especially if this is a brand new diagnosis for you.

Water management, new medications, diet, and activity are all going to need to change and that can be overwhelming. Here at TCC we aim to decrease some of those anxieties and YOU the upper hand. You are not alone!
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30 Days Of Cardiac Care For Only $3,850
YES! I'm Ready
It is with privilege and honor to express my support for the Transitional Cardiac Care program for heart failure patients that are diagnosed in the central valley.

To date, it would be the first of its kind and would promote a healthier and better lifestyle for those afflicted with this progressive disease. With education and guided support, heart failure patients would have less readmission to the hospital and improved compliance with medication. After all, noncompliance is the primary reason for repeat hospitalizations. While the disease itself is progressive, this nursing care provided would also support them through their condition and elevate their quality of life through daily reminders, guidance and motivation with changes in lifestyle.

I believe the valley is lacking in having a heart failure program and this can be a start to improve the care with a specialized program. Ms. Terra Goodrich’s quality experiences at Doctor’s Medical Center on the cardiology floors and emergency room will guide her to succeed and follow through to make Transitional Cardiac Care a wonderful resource to the community.

Marlon Ramilo, M.D.
Valley Heart Associates Modesto, CA

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